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Viking Women: The Crying Bones tells the story of fierce women fighters on the modern Viking scene. Through interviews with the fighters, archeologists and historians a radical picture of Viking Women will be depicted and fact will be illuminated from fiction.





Summer 2019 Shooting Update

Photo: Interviewing Maria at Ribe Viking Market 2019

I was shooting alone for the summer Danish markets, 2019. It was a whirlwind of extremely long shooting days filled with profound and moving interviews, all shot in incredible settings. The fighting was steady and intense at Trelleborg, from the training to the battles. I managed to sit in for a bit of the strategy session for the big weekend battles, which was an unusual treat (thanks generals!).

It was a very hot market season, but not as bad as last year where all of the grass was scorched brown and it felt like your flesh was burning when exposed, and melting under fabric. This year I spent time filming different people and honed in on some new shooting techniques. I was suffering from a pretty intense back injury the entire trip but shoved ice packs down my back brace and pushed through. This is the reality we embrace with passion projects, as filmmakers, and I am not complaining.

Moesgaard had hundreds of fighters, went by in a flash, and I was shooting everything I could without the use of cell phones or walkies to coordinate schedules or relay messages. A large number of the Viking fighters caught the 24-48 hour “Viking Plague”, which was a very contagious stomach bug that kept many from fighting. Those who didn’t go home were quarantined, and Doctor Trine and several others nursed them back to battle ready health. The fights were epic!

Finally, Ribe Market was a dream, as usual, which is located at a recreated Viking Village. Right before my friend and I departed to travel back to Copenhagen, a terrifically disastrous rainstorm hit and damaged much of the camps that had been set up. I was filming until the end!

Thanks to all who helped for the second phase of production on the film! I am starting a soft edit before finishing the shooting with our experts. This will require a trip to Norway and England where they are located. The complete post will take place.

Please stay tuned!

MARCH 2019

Exclusive clips of footage were shown at ‘The Viking Women Symposium’ at the annual Jorvik Viking Festival in York, England.



March 2018

Article by uegavisen.dk

Ribepige elsker at være med i vikingekampene


MARCH 2018

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our Kickstarter!!!

We raised $10,000 UDS to make a teaser trailer and work on pre-production. I humbly thank you for your support!




I began creating  a body of photographs of  Viking Women reenactors in 2016. This is a sneak peek at the work in progress. I plan to publish a monograph of these images in the coming year. Under no circumstances should they be posted on social media or published anywhere. Thanks!  (These are under the sole copyright of myself, Ash Thayer.)


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